Baines Avenue Clinic

Baines Avenue Clinic is a medium-sized hospital which targets the niche market of professional
and middle class clientele majoring in the provision of gynaecological, obstetrical services, ENT surgery
and general surgery.

The clinic is located at No.66 Baines Avenue (the source from which the clinic derived its name),
with the Head office being suited at 11 Mazowe st, Harare. The management of the clinic comprises
a board of directors, senior management and operational managers.



“To be the healthcare provider of choice in the region and beyond”



To provide world-class quality health care



Integrity and Confidentiality,
Technology driven and
Stakeholder value

“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are :heal.”

— Ed Northstrum


The company owns and operates from premises situated at 66 Baines Avenue. The premises consist of a two store building that has capacity to accommodate two additional floors. The structure accommodates a kitchen on the ground floor, as well as theatres and labor wards. The first floor has a pharmacy, Housekeeping Department and labor wards.

  • Fifty two (60) night beds
  • Ten (10 day surgery beds)
  • Majority of the wards have either two (2) or three (3) beds with one ward having a total of six (6) beds
  • One private ward
  • Two (2) well – equipped operating theatres that are operational twenty four (24) hours per day
  • A High Dependency Unit where critically ill patients are nursed
  • One Recovery Room
  • Three (3) Delivery Suites where patients are admitted pending delivery
  • Two Neonatal Unit to cater for newly-born babies that need intensive care and accommodate fifteen (15) neonates
  • An in-house pharmacy that supplies drugs, medicines and sundries to admitted patients
  • Well qualified personnel man the pharmacy and all other functions

Retail pharmacy and lab


The clinic focuses on the provision of the following health services:

  • Gynecological services
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT)
  • General surgery (on a limited scale)
  • Obstetrical services