At Baines Avenue Clinic, our clients, colleagues and patients remain top priority to us as we try to institute business continuity management measures. In our efforts to contain and treat any potential Covid-19 scenarios we have instituted a number of initiatives to ensure health and safety to both patients, staff and other stakeholders.

We are continuing to monitor events and we have changed our hospital visiting rules as follows 

  1. All people entering the clinic gate are screened and sanitised
  2. No visitors are allowed. Any urgent communication will be done through the phone.
  3. Clients are encouraged to use the phone, Facebook and website for all inquiries
  4. All visitors are screened at entry point and sanitized.

We are continuously updating our policies and protocols as new information is being unfolded. We apologize for any inconveniences that may be caused.

We believe this is a good for us all.


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