A new WHO interactive chatbot on Rakuten Viber aims to get accurate information about COVID-19 to people in multiple languages.

The partnership with Rakuten Viber gives WHO the potential to reach over 1 billion people in their local language directly through their mobile phones. 

“WHO’s aim is to reach as many people as possible with reliable health information through innovative digital technology. Information is powerful and can help save lives during this pandemic,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Once subscribed to the WHO Viber chatbot, users will receive notifications with the latest news and information directly from WHO. Users can also learn how to protect themselves and test their knowledge on coronavirus through an interactive quiz that helps bust myths. Another goal of the partnership is to fight misinformation.

Viber has created a dedicated sticker pack to align with WHO’s World Health Day theme, which recognizes nurses, midwives and other  healthcare workers for the work they are doing and the sacrifices they are making to  fight this pandemic.

The chatbot is freely available and launches today in English, Russian and Arabic with more than 20 languages to be added.   

Join the WHO Viber service: https://vb.me/82e535

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